Thursday, May 10, 2012

Somebody call MTV

Well, hey you guys! Gosh. It's like baby epidemic here in Texas! I swear err'body &&they mama's be gettin' pregnant. My cousin, Autym, is two&&half months pregnant. Sad, sad, sad. She's so naive about it, too. She thinks it's going to be a ray of sunshine. No... no. Dru, a friend of the family, just had his baby girl. Her name is Zayleigh Reshea Howeth. She's a cutie. &&today, actually, I found out a friend of mine's girlfriend is pregnant. Gosh. It's crazy. Like, birth control guys! Condoms, etc. For real. Well, I wish them the best. Sometimes it all works out. Like, with my parents. My mom had me at 16. We're okay, &&she's still with my dad. So, sometimes great things can happen. Speaking of wishing the best; Y'all need to wish me good luck at my Spring Show tomorrow night, &&Saturday night. It's gonna be... DAZZLING.;) ♡
Well, keep it protected, you guys. Toodaloo.

Aka. That pain you gots in your rearier area ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long time no see...♡

Hey there, people of Blogger&&beyond. It's been forever since I've posted, anything. I'm sorry for the wait. Ha. Like y'all care. I think) I'm going to be posting a lot more now. I have a lot of stuff to vent about. On the realz. Well, all of you missed my whole ordeal with Trey♥.  Y'all are probably thinking, "Oh God! Another broken heart, dumb, douchebag story... Well, you're absolutely right./: This one's a little different, though. I'll make it real short &&sweet for y'all. He told me the most amazing things. Made my whole family&&friends fall in love with him as well as me. Then, he decided he couldn't be with me cause he's got other shit he has to worry about... Yeah, college&&carrier things that I was just in the way of. Waited until I had completely fallen to drop me on my ass. &&; it's not like he's graduating! He still has a whole other year. We had some fights after that,&&he doesn't care for me at all anymore. Its almost been two months since the whole ordeal &&I still ugly cry thinking about him. I really did love him. I still do. I don't know if I ever will fall out of love with him. He could care less about me now. He wanted to stay friends, && of course I acted childish. I just hated being hurt by the one person I thought never would hurt me. I'd honestly do anything to have him back. Anything.♡ I sound pretty pathetic, I know. I'm sorry, if I'm bringing y'all down. On another note my mom knows I'm not a virgin. &&we're closer than ever. I'm now on the pill. Lol. My mom doesn't want to be a grandma!:) Well, I'll go ahead &&stop this. Have a lovely life, all of you. I hope times are good &&well on y'all. Keep it 'happy', you guys.

Aka. That pain you gots in your rearier area'(:.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is it just me ,or am I dying?

Well ;I'm terribly sick. It is very much ,extremely gross. I'm on my period ,awesome.-_- &&&&I'm grounded... for missing the bus...? Yeah ,ridiculous. Well ;my weekend has just turned to poooo! Bleh. My stomach hurts ,alot. &&it really doesn't feel like cramps... It's weird ,&&I keep having to pee... also ,I'm very bloated. I don't know ,Bro. I feel pregnant ,or something. I've never been pregnant to know what that feels like ;but if I had to guess ,it'd be like this. Obviously ,I'm not pregnant. I haven't had sex in months&&I've had three or four periods since then. So ;no babies for me! Ha. For real ,though. What. Is. Up. Brotato chip? I don't have much to talk about here. I just felt you all were the best people to complain to. Well ;Merry Christmas Guys! &&By the way ,My birthday is in 6 days! Hells yeah ,Bro. The big one five. Well ;Keep it healthy ,You Guys! Toodaloo.

a.k.a. that pain you gots in your rearier area

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vile Happenings ;&&Then There's Cody

So ;Didn't Get To Go To James' Viewing OR His Funeral.:///  ;Buhhhhhhttt It's Okay. I Know James Knows I Love&&Miss Him. Ughhhhhhh.!! I Got A Power Chain On Just My Top Front Teeth ;&&It Hurts Like A Mo To The Fo ,Bro. No Effin' Joke.:'( It's Horrible. On Another Terrible Note ;Garrison (The Love My Life ,My Pumpkin Butt ,My Everything) Wants To Commit Suicide Over Some Girl. I Feel Horrible. Knowing Someone You Love More Than Anything Wants To Kill Himself ;Is Terribley Diplorable. It Makes Me Feel Less Of Myself ;&&It's Not Even Me.! It Kinda Feels Like I've Failed As A Best Friend ;Cause He's No Longer Happy. It's Crazy ;Cause I've Hurt Like That Before ;Over Him. Ugh. I Just Wish He'd Realize That I'd Make Him Happy. I'll Always Love Him No Matter What. He Use To 'Love' Me. Talkin' About Our Future&&All That Jazz. It Kills Me That We're No Longer On The Same Page Here. I'm Dating This Guy Cody Right Now... Again. Third Time. Ha. Well ;We'll See How This Goes. I'm Gonna' Cut This Real Short Today. Keep It 'Positive' ,You Guys. Toodaloo.
a.k.a. That Pain You Got's In Your Rearier Area

Monday, November 28, 2011

Losing A Friend

I've Never Really Had A Friend Of Mine Die Before. No ;James&&I Weren't That Close ,But He Was My Friend&&I've Known Him Forever. I Officially Want To Murder All Drunk Drivers.!-_- It Still Hasn't Really Hit Me That He's Gone Yet. I Feel Bad For All Those Times I'd Ignored His Messages On Facebook. I Miss His Awkward Stance&&When He'd Say ,Probably Not... It Was Annoying Then ;But Now ,I'd Give Anything To Hear Him Say It. My Friend Josh Just Bawled Today At Lunch... I've Never Seen Him Cry ,Much Less ,Bawl. His Viewing Is Tomorrow At 6... :/ Then ,His Funeral's Wednesday At 2. There's Gonna' Be So Many People There. I Think I'm Going To Lose It As Soon As I See Him. It Won't Be Pretty... Ugh. I Hate Death. Man ,I'm Sure Going To Miss Him Creepin' On Me.

RIP James Ray Harris ;

Keep It Safe You Guys... Toodaloo.

a.k.a. That Pain You Got's In Your Rearier Area

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back Again ;Talkin' Bout My Pumpkin Butt

Why Hello Blogger. Remember Me.? Pshh. I Wouldn't Think So ,Considering The Amount Of Time I've Been Away From You. I Got A New Laptop So ;I'll Be On Here Way More. I've Missed Blogging Terribly.

If You Must Know ;Garrison&&I Are Talking Again. Of Course I'm Still Absolutely In Love With The Kid ;But He Doesn't Feel The Same. So ;Him&&I Are Just Friends. Best Friends. We're Very Close Now. Extremely. I Told Him How I Felt. It Was Four Pages Long. ...&&He Rejected Me.:'/
Wanna' See What I Wrote.?

;Morgan Taylor Wilde ,<3
A Name I'd Gladly Take One Day. I Know I'm Not Suppose To Feel This Way Anymore ;But I Can't Help But Be Completely in Love With The Kid. He's Had My Heart From Day One ,That Boy.:) My Only Regret Is Being Too Pushy. I'm Scared I Drove Him Away. It Angers Me So Terribly That He No Longer Shares The Same Compassion As I For Him. It Seems As Though I've Lost Some Of My Desire To Want To Be With Him. I Can Remember The Pain I Felt Just Thinking About Losing Him. How I Couldn't Breathe When I Thought Of Not Marrying Him. ;&&The Night He Told Me He Didn't Want To Be With Me ,&&That We Had Nothing In Common. Oh ;I've Never Felt Such Pain ,In My Entire Life. I Had Never Even Imagined Such Pain Existed. I Was Fighting For Breaths ,&&Choking On Tears ,&&Wanting Nothing But To Die. Not Only Is He The Guy I Love ,He Is My Very Best Friend. I Am More Comfortable With Him Than Any Other Boy I Have Ever Met. After The Sorrows Fated I only Wanted His Happiness. No Matter Who It Was With ,I Wanted Him To Be Happy. Of Course ,I Know For A Fact No Girl Will EVER Love Him Even A Quarter Of The Amount I Love Him. If I Got One Last Wish Before I Died ;I'd Tell Garrison I Love Him. The Maturity He Acquires For A 13 Year Old Is Impeccable. &&I Honestly Think He Is Beyond Gorgeous ,On The Inside&&Out. Yes ,He's A Prick Sometimes ;But He Wouldn't Be Garrison If He Wasn't. It Severely Painful Just Being Just Friends With Him ;But If That's What  I Have To Do To Continue Speaking To Him ;I Shall.:) I'd Honestly Do Anything For Him ,ANYTHING.! I'd Die A Gazillion Excruciatingly Painful Deaths ,Before I'd Let Any Harm Come To Him. I Just Plain Love The Kid. With Every Fiber Of My Being. For Example ;I Could Be On A Date With JUSTIN BIEBER &&Garrison Could Call Me Saying He Was Out Of Toilet Paper ;&&I'd Be Outta' There To Go Get My Baby Some Toilet Paper. He. Means. The. World. To. Me. I Feel Bad For Whoever I End Up With 'Cause I Will Never Love Them Like I Love Him. Not Even Near The Amount I Love Him. He's My Pumpkin Butt. Forever&&Always. He Mat Never Love Me In That Way ,Ever ,But I Do Not Care In The Slightest. Well ;I Mean ,It Does. It Kills Me More ,&&More Each Day. I'll Care For Him Regardless. I'll Never Give Up On Him ,Ever. I Love Garrison Michael Wilde With All My Heart ;&& That'll Never Change. ,<3

-&&He Doesn't Care. FAIL.-_-
Welp. Keep It Fresh You Guys. Toodaloo.

a.k.a. That Pain You Got's In Your Rearier Area

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Another Day Of Shit

In Prin. Ed. Not Doing My Work. Yea. I'm Boss Like That Bro(:. Hmm. I Saw Conner Again In The Hall&&It Made Me Wanna Jump Him. Stupid Little Prick.-_-
Hmm. It's My Cousins First Day Here. We Woke Up Late This Morning && Had To Get Ready In The Bathroom At School. The Plug For The Straightener Was Of Course Out Side The Friggin' Door; So We Looked Like Complete Retards Tryn'a Hold Open The Damn Door && Straighten Our Hair At The Same Time. Garrison Hasn't Talked To Me In Three Days Bro... Not Kewl. It's Driving Me Insane!!D: Meep. I'm Hoping I Can Go To The Game; Cause Then He Can't Ignore Me Cause I'll Be All Up In His Face The Whole Night. Ugh. He Makes Me So Mad. I JUst Wanna Kick A Baby. He Says I'M The Childish One. Ha. Nah Nigga. I'm Sorry That I'm Human&&My Feelings Get Hurt When You Say Stupid Shhit Like That. I Swear; He's So Ignorant When it Comes To Feelings. Whatta Guy.-_-
Anywho; On Another Note;; I Am Sooooo Hoping I Get A Good Date To Homecoming. It's Like Oh My Dawg Will Some Ah Mae Zin Guy Just Asked Me Already! No Friggin' Joke Dude!-_- Pleh. Wyatt Should Get His Phone Fixed So I can Talk To Him. Maybe I Could Go To Homecoming With That Hot Mess.?(;
Weeeeell; Kidds' I'ma Get Going Sugarplum.
Keep It Fresh Kiddos'(:

aka That Pain You Got's In Your Rearier Area.:D
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